Deposit Operations Department

General Services, per item:

Stop Payment Order $32.00
Checks and EFT Debits returned for any reason $32.00
Returned Item Fee $10.00
Telephone Transfer (internal), Pre-Authorized under $50 $3.00
Preauthorized Overdraft Transfer $5.00
Collection Item (general) 1% of amount $30.00 minimum
Money Market preauthorized transfers in excess of six per statement cycle $12.50 each
Account closed by mail $10.00
Account Closed (within 30 days of opening) $25.00
Special Letter Request (e.g. Introduction, Immigration, Credit) $15.00
Electronic Funds Transfer Notice of Change $5.00

Research and Copy Fees:

Account Research/Reconciliation per hour, minimum one hour (3 months maximum) $30.00
Photocopy $0.30
Special Cut-off Statement $5.00
Statement Copy $5.00
Check Copy per item $5.00

Account History/Phone Inquiry

  • First History page (8½ x 11)
No Charge
  • Additional History page(s) (back to last statement date) per page

Fax Service

  • First page
  • Additional page(s)
Garnishment, Levy, Court Order, Citation, Subpoena, etc. $100.00 plus Attorneys’ Fees

Deposit Services Department

VISA Gift Card


VISA Travel Money Card


Wire Transfers – per wire

  • Incoming Wire
  • Incoming Wire with Phone Advice
  • Outgoing Domestic Wire
  • Outgoing Foreign Wire

General Services, per item:

Notary Public

  • Customer
No Charge
  • Non-customer

Signature Guarantee (customers ONLY)

No Charge

Sight Draft

  • Incoming
No Charge
  • Outgoing

Deposit Bags

  • Deposit Bag-Vinyl
  • Double Lock Deposit Bag


  • Temporary Checks/10 minimum
  • New checks and reorders, based on style and quantity


Checks and Money Orders

Cashier’s Check ($500.00 minimum)

  • Per account, first check
No Charge
  • Subsequent check
  • Reissuance fee for unclaimed property
  • Copy
Counter Check $0.25
On-Us Check presented for payment No Charge
Money Order $2.00


Counting-Lobby hours only

  • Customer
No Charge
  • Non-customer
5% of total

Lisle Savings Bank Debit/ATM Card

Transactions at a Lisle Savings Bank ATM No Charge
Point of sale (POS) transactions No Charge
Transactions (including inquiries and funds transfers) at a non Lisle Savings Bank ATM in excess of four per statement cycle, per transaction $1.00
Cirrus® transactions, per transaction $1.50
Lost Debit/ATM Card $5.00

Safe Deposit Box

Annual Rental

3″ x 5″ x 21″ $50.00
3″ x 10″ x 21″ $75.00
5″ x 10″ x 21″ $100.00
10″ x 10″ x 21″ $150.00

Safe Deposit Box Fees:

Lost key (loss of key deposit) $20.00
Box drilling $150.00
Box drilling storage fee per month $25.00
Box inventory $15.00
Late Payment 10% of annual rental
Safe Deposit Boxes are rented only to deposit or loan customers.
No insurance coverage is provided on box contents by the FDIC or Lisle Savings Bank.The contents in your safe deposit box are not insured. Insurance is now available for as little as $25 per year. Visit

*  Subtract check order cost from account register at time of order.