Lisle Savings Bank is managed and staffed by local people with many years of service at our bank. While banking has changed drastically since 1917, there are two things that haven’t changed at Lisle Savings Bank: when you call us, you get a person, when you ask a question, you get an answer.

Savings Account Type**Minimum Deposit To Open Account and Avoid Service ChargeRequired Balance to Obtain Annual Percentage YieldInterest RateAnnual Percentage YieldService Charge For Falling Below Daily Minimum Deposit Balance


$1 to Open$0.01 to $49,999
$50,000 and over

Statement Savings


Small Saver's


IRA Statement


Annual Percentage Yields (APY) accurate as of *Today’s Date*.

Rates are subject to change without notice.
Fees will reduce earnings on the account.
Accounts are not transferable except on the books of the depository institution.

Savings Account Terms

** RESERVATION TO REQUIRE NOTICE TO WITHDRAW. Under federal regulations which authorize this account, this bank is required to reserve the right to require at least (7) days notice prior to withdrawal or transfer of any funds from this account. If this bank determines that this exercise is right, it will do so on a seven (7) day basis, and the account holder’s request for withdrawal or transfer of funds will constitute commencement of the notification period.

  • Your interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on your account daily. There is no limitation on how much the rate may change.
  • Interest begins to accrue on the day of your deposit.
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited on the Last day of each month. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will receive the accrued interest.
  • We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.
  • You may make only six (6) preauthorized transfers or withdrawals (including automatic NSF transfers, wire transfers, LSB-Online Internet banking transfers and ACH) from your savings account each month.
  • A checking account is required to open an E-Savings Account. E-Savings will be converted to a Statement Savings Account if there are less than five electronic transactions per checking statement cycle.