Mortgage Rate & Payment CalculatorOur home mortgage rates are listed below. As you can see, our rates are competitive, and we offer you options to lower your rate by both shortening the term of your loan or increasing the amount of your down payment. Our customers tell us they like us for reasons other than a great rate.  Here are a few other reasons they chose us for their home mortgage and why you should, too:

  •  Our NMLS registered loan officers are salaried employees so they don’t focus on commissions. We provide you with unbiased guidance through the mortgage loan process. We know everyone’s needs are a little different, and we’re here to listen and help you decide what works best for you and your family.
  • We make credit decisions based on your circumstances, not secondary mortgage market guidelines.
  • We’ve been making mortgage loans since 1917, and we have thousands of repeat customers.
  • You have peace of mind knowing you will close as scheduled, because we wire your loan proceeds the business day before your closing date.
  • Your loan relationship with Lisle Savings Bank doesn’t end when your loan is funded. After your closing, our loan servicers are readily available and accessible by telephone, email or in person, whichever you prefer.
Please see our Loan Servicing page for more information on the advantages of getting your home loan with us.

We know the entire home buying process can make even experienced real estate buyers anxious at times. Become a Lisle Savings Bank customer. We’ll both be glad you did. To learn more about the variety of lending options we offer, please call us at 630.852.3710 and ask to speak to a Loan Officer.

(Please note we will not change your rate at closing and we do not charge a higher rate for in-house servicing.)

Fixed Term Mortgages 81% – 90% LTV   (First Time Homebuyers Only)

TermRateAPRPointsPayment Example
10 years4.000%4.219%0$1,670.54
15 years4.125%4.279%0$1,230.85
20 years4.625%4.752%0$1,055.04
25 years4.750%4.858%0$940.69
30 years4.875%4.971%0$873.19

Fixed Term Mortgages 71% – 80% LTV

TermRateAPRPointsPayment Example
10 years3.875%4.091%0$1,660.76
15 years4.000%4.152%0$1,220.49
20 years4.500%4.625%0$1,043.87
25 years4.625%4.732%0$928.87
30 years4.750%4.845%0$860.72

Fixed Term Mortgages 61% – 70% LTV

TermRateAPRPointsPayment Example
10 years3.750%3.964%0$1,651.01
15 years3.875%4.025%0$1,210.18
20 years4.375%4.499%0$1,032.77
25 years4.500%4.605%0$917.12
30 years4.625%4.718%0$848.33

Fixed Term Mortgages 60% & below LTV

TermRateAPRPointsPayment Example
10 years3.625%3.836%0$1,641.30
15 years3.750%3.898%0$1,199.92
20 years4.250%4.372%0$1,021.74
25 years4.375%4.478%0$905.46
30 years4.500%4.591%0$836.03
Rates are accurate as of *Today’s Date*.

LTV = Loan to Value

  • Loans are for owner occupied properties only. Fixed term mortgages can be used for condominiums and townhouses. Maximum loan $999,999.00.
  • All payment examples and APRs are based on $165,000 loan amounts. Property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. Payment examples do not include amounts for taxes and insurance. Real estate tax escrow may be required.
  • Rates are subject to change, APR = Annual Percentage Rate
  • On-line rates are for information only. While we make every effort to keep them current and accurate, inaccurate rates will not be honored.
  • The above rates are for loans within the bank’s market area of DuPage, Will, and Kane County. Please call for additional information. All loans are subject to the bank’s  underwriting standards.